Kiefer Rewards Card Program

Announcing Double Points Black Friday Weekend for the Kiefer Rewards Card Program. All the other regular rules and guidelines apply. We are excluding Rewards Points for Alex & Ani during the one-day Black Friday 15% Off Alex & Ani Sale.

Kiefer Fine Jewelers

Kiefer Village Jewels has a Rewards Card Program that earns Rewards Dollars when you shop with us.  All products & categories of purchases qualify for Rewards.  So, whether it’s a gift of gold, diamonds, or watches, or even a repair or appraisal, those dollars go towards earning Rewards Dollars for you.  There will also be opportunities to earn additional rewards as announced on the Kiefer Facebook Page.

Here is how it works:

  • Make a qualifying purchase of $250 and you will be issued your Kiefer Rewards Card.
  • Earn 1 Reward Dollar for every $20 you spend.
  • You can spend Reward Dollars on any future visit.
  • You can let your Reward Dollars build up.
  • Become a fan of the the Kiefer Facebook Page to stay on top of ways to earn additional rewards.
  • Have fun deciding when and how to spend your Reward Dollars.

Here are some rules:

  • Reward Dollars can…

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Exchange with Love

So, ladies, it’s the season. You should see them. All the glares and stares of confusion, discomfort, and pain. It’s the season that the men come out of their boats, put down their guns, get away from work, and turn off the remotes to . . . . feel their skins crawl while they walk the showcases of a jewelry store. Why is this so traumatic for them?

I was just pondering that as I have the enjoyment of seeing the season change. Going from nail extenders to nail biters, the gender of the store’s traffic changes dramatically in these last 3 days before Valentines. You should see their faces as they hem and haw, and walk from case to case. It’s literally painful for them. They just really don’t know what to get. Is that their fault? They are men!

They don’t pay attention to the same things. They don’t know what color of gold you’ve been wearing for the last 20 years. They don’t know your favorite color is blue or yellow or purple. They don’t know you already have a pearl strand or that you always complement your sister’s Pandora bracelet. They just don’t know because they don’t see. They are men!

The good news I have about this is that they do, at times, want to be better at this. Much of this is in the women’s control. It comes to the response when receiving a gift along with dealing with the exchange process, which I do recommend.

I’ve seen the 2 extremes of the trademarked wives that are told in legend and story, along with over bar counter and jewelry counter alike. One snarks “Why did you get me this for?” The other says nothing and accepts the clueless giver’s gift, something like a stick pin. The former just digs a trench into a heart that tried it’s best while the latter does a disservice to an intent of service.

Not all ladies are so lucky as to have the man who knows the exact thing to choose. Many wise women make the process easier with gift suggestions, notes, and registered wish lists composed of a selection of various price ranges. For those ladies that would like to educate their husbands on mastering her, a little effort in the process is necessary.

My advise is to always accept every gift with grace and a smile. Try it on, and see if it truly fits your first impression, or second, or third. After a try on and several smiles, ask him if there was a special reason, or story, behind the selection. Once you’ve given it whirl, the most important thing is to lead to the exchange in a way that builds up his ego. I really want to stress that owning a piece of jewelry (or anything) that you never would have picked for yourself is not going to be covered up for long. So, deal with it now. Let me suggest a style that this can be done.

“I really appreciate the gift, more for your thoughtfulness and effort than anything. You were so kind and brave to go take this chance to pick me out something. I want you to keep doing that because I really enjoy it, and because of that, I would like us to go to the store together and let me show you some things that I have been wanting and thinking about getting.” This leaves the door open for him to suggest exchanging the gift or at the worst, for him to have an idea what to get next time. Then, make this an important event with lots of smiles, make-up, and kisses. Make it a date. And make sure that you do count it as one. How many ladies wouldn’t like their guy to say, “Let’s go on a date to the jewelry store!” That’s what I’m trying to help with here.

Now, back to watching all these painful faces, frankly, it’s really endearing. So, ladies, be gentle and take the next exchange opportunity to make it a romantic experience.

Kiefer Rewards Card Program

Kiefer Village Jewels has a Rewards Card Program that earns Rewards Dollars when you shop with us.  Most all products & categories of purchases qualify for Rewards.  So, whether it’s a gift of gold, diamonds, or watches, or even a repair or appraisal, those dollars go towards earning Rewards Dollars for you.  There will also be opportunities to earn additional rewards as announced on the Kiefer Facebook Page.

Here is how it works:

  • Make a qualifying purchase of $250 and you will be issued your Kiefer Rewards Card.
  • Earn 1 Reward Dollar for every $20 you spend.
  • You can spend Reward Dollars on any future visit.
  • You can let your Reward Dollars build up.
  • Your sales receipt will show the amount of Kiefer Reward Dollars earned or used.
  • Become a fan of the the Kiefer Facebook Page to stay on top of ways to earn additional rewards.
  • Have fun deciding when and how to spend your Reward Dollars.

Here are some rules:

  • Reward Dollars can be used on future visits, and can not be used during the same visit.
  • Rewards are not available when already using coupons, offers, or any type of discount.  Rewards may also be suspended during special events offered by Kiefer or by our vendors.  Inquire with a Kiefer associate for details.
  • Purchases made with Rewards Dollars, even if partially, will not earn any additional Rewards Dollars.
  • Rewards Dollars can not be used to purchase Pandora, however Pandora purchases will earn Rewards Dollars except on Pandora Promotional Items or during their promotional events.
  • The Reward Year begins annually on October 1st and ends on September 30th.  We reserve the right to make changes regarding the Reward Year.  All Reward Dollars are reset at the beginning of the Reward Year and cannot be carried over from year-to-year.  All Reward Dollars earned will expire no later than one-year from the date they were awarded.
  • Rolex purchases and repairs, are excluded from earning Kiefer Reward Points.  We reserve the right to exclude other purchases, either categorically or circumstantially, from earning Kiefer Reward Points.
  • Kiefer Village Jewels will set the guidelines for the Rewards Program on an annual basis and does not guarantee that the program will be in effect for subsequent years.

Kiefer Village Jewels is proud to introduce the Kiefer Reward Card Program.  It is presented as a Loyalty Program for our regular and most valued customers.  We will be monitoring its effectiveness and usage throughout the year.  We are always interested in feedback from our best customers to know if we are providing you with the services and products that will earn your continued patronage.  We invite you to contact us anytime at to give us your thoughts or complaints.

We hope you enjoy using the Kiefer Reward Card Program.

Trailblazer Burnout

Up and Coming, the next big thing, it’s going to be hot, Hot, HOT!!!!  So, who hasn’t heard an ambitious salesperson espouse these credits as they gesture handoffs of one sort or another.  Want a different rave, walk to the next retailer.  If you don’t have some means of discernment or filter, your mind could easily become a cloud in the pursuit of our passion to be the first, an early adopter, to smile with the smirk of “look what I found,” or “ya, I had it first,” or even simply, “the latest is greatest” mentality.  Without a plan, you can become a victim of trailblazer burnout.


Today’s up and coming usually becomes tomorrow’s “you took the bait.”  Bring on the sidewalk sale to clear out and make room for more wide-mouth floundering.  A wise shopper learns to start taking some steps, do some research, and pay better attention, if for no other reason, to impress – which was the reason to start with.


Will it stay or will it go?  Knowing which new product line or fashion has the legs is more than just having a gut feeling.  There are some questions to ask when you are considering a purchase to help make that decision and spend that hard-earned money more wisely.  As an independent jeweler, it seems a little boastful, but I have to prop up the independent retailer as the best place to get those questions answered.   The chain stores just don’t have the involvement with the buying decisions on location making them limited to the full scope of the decision. 


Here are the questions you should be asking;

1.        How long have you been carrying the product line?  It’s important to know how much experience the retailer has with it and what that experience has been.  You aren’t looking for it to be a long time, because, after all, you want to be one of the first to own it and the first to tell your friends about it.  But, you also don’t want to hear that they just got it in today, unless you are that rare breed of person that likes to be the first of the first. 

2.       How did you first discover the line?  This can be the most interesting answer of all.  You might get answers like they saw it at a trade show or magazine, or they heard about it from an industry peer.  Then there are the interesting answers like they saw it at another faraway store while traveling and had to research it when they got back.  I love it when you hear that they know of stores in small towns in Connecticut that are selling this like hot cakes.

3.       Why do you think it’s going to be a growing product line?  This is when you find out the passion for the product.  Don’t just listen to the reason, listen for the emotion.  If the retailer believes in the line, then usually there is a good reason.

4.       How should a new collector get started?  Okay, silly, they might just say, well buy one.  But, that’s not the answer you want.  You want a reply that has some thought.  For example, they might ask you about some of your interests and as you talk, a few items get pulled out from the selection and laid out for you.  Another good approach is to explain the line to you and give you some hints on a first assortment to try, a “one of these, and 2 of these” angle.  But, ultimately, don’t let someone tell you what you have to buy to get started.  Any good collection can handle a dive in the deep end as well as the toe in the water.

5.       What is the return policy?  Ours is 30 days, but you don’t need that much time for the reason here.


Once you leave the store, assuming this was a completely impulse purchase of a product line you’ve never heard of before, make sure to show it to your friends and get some feedback (like you weren’t going to do that anyway).  But, the real test after leaving the store and getting on with things is “does the collection leave you wanting for more?”  If it does, then it’s probably going to do the same with others and others and others, and viola – it’s a hit – you are a hit – and a trailblazer.

          David Hevia


It Just Happened Again

It just happened again. A longtime customer came in with watch brand X and asked us if we can get it running right for them. We looked at the brand and advised them that they should take it to the authorized jeweler, which is unfortunately many miles from here. They get frustrated with us and it hurts to disappoint them.

The real story is that we know that we can send it to a generic repair center, and maybe (maybe not) they will use authentic parts to do the job. These centers are often certified by the watch brand but they aren’t controlled by them. They have good reputations, but that’s not really the point. The cost benefit to the customer isn’t being served properly. The repair will cost just as much, and maybe 10 to 20% more, than the authorized dealer would have charged due to the parts being purchased from a reseller. The warranty will be from an independent source, not from the national or global brand, so it won’t be honored everywhere the watch is sold. So far, it does not make good sense for the customer.

Did I tell you that the customer has to drive many miles to deal with the agent for the brand? Well, there’s the time & gas to drop it off, and more time & gas to pick it up. Also, (this is the part that gives me the puppy dog eyes) they have a relationship with us and really trust us, and “want” to deal with “us.” Ah geez, how do we say “No?”

The way we handle this today may not be the best way. Trying to explain to the customer, as I did above, often get’s the “glazed over eyes” affect when the client realizes that we are merely saying “no, we can’t help you” in more than 20 words. We have had to take this approach for several reasons. It is awesome some folks want to do business with us, but when they find out it was more than the authorized dealer, they aren’t such happy campers, and it can affect their overall opinion of our value pricing. The other problem is that they sometimes don’t realize we aren’t the authorized dealer. Yes, we told them. But, it’s like marriage. Not everyone listens or claims to remember. Then, the day the warranty isn’t covered by the brand’s official jeweler, guess which face walks into our store (Hint: Not puppy-dog face).

I know we still get this wrong, or at least “not 100% right,” with the way we handle it and explain it, but we are choosing the least of two evils. Better to disappoint someone today than to upset them tomorrow. What do you think?
– David Hevia

Can’t I just bake some cupcakes?

I remember when my kids were in elementary school and my wife, after much volunteering, was invited to join the PTA Board. A lot of mom’s take this as a huge compliment at first, as did my wife. It means she was well thought of, others enjoyed having her around, and she could look forward to all that bonding. Maybe one day, she might have some influence. Whereas those things may all be true, the other ingredient was that someone felt she had the most-needed gift for a PTA board member – the fund raising gene.
This blog isn’t only referring to PTA however; it’s for anyone involved in a community fundraising situation, from community theatre to soccer moms. It seems like many mom-types love certain aspects of serving on these committees. From making the cupcakes to stringing the decorations, it’s a good feeling watching the kids enjoy it all while chit-chatting with the other parents. The hours and hard work seem rewarding and fun. But, all that comes to a squeeching holt when the board president announces that its fundraising time, and even more terrifying, everyone needs to try and find 3 business sponsors.
The volunteers go on their not-so-merry way to make phone calls, some stop ins, and maybe write some letters. They also might comprise an email to blast out. The message says we have great kids, and we have some great projects, so please sponsor us. It’s not much different than every other donation request most businesses receive. This does work a small percentage of the time when the small business sees that a large part of their revenue comes from this group’s membership. It also works if the business is aggressively looking to support the community, but that’s not a common scenario.
Let me now move the shoe over to the other foot. Here I am – a small business owner. Rain, sleet, or hail (okay, we don’t get much sleet in Florida) don’t delay the daily requests for donations from their rounds to my business. Usually it’s by mail or email, and the personal visits are down. I’m just stating facts and not necessarily advocating for the personal visit. We are now getting to my motivation for writing this blog. I would like to really help these volunteers in their mission to get the small business support they are shooting for.
What does the PTA, or other community group, have to offer that is free and valuable to a small business? What does a small business need in today’s market place that is hard, if not impossible to purchase, and he needs outside help to obtain. Answer: Google Ranking.
Today’s market is not different than yesterday’s in that referral is still the number one form of effective marketing. But, the thing that is different is the internet, and more specifically, Google. We don’t have to go down the Google discussion, right? We all Google everything. The challenge for the local business is showing up higher on the Google search ranking. They can either become internet suave or pay a hefty fee for it. Or they can get some help, lots of help, to do it organically.
Google reviews are highly weighted by Google. Yelp, Foursquare, Superpages, and others will also be scored, but of course, Google will guarantee attention to the ones on their platform. Get five good reviews on a business and it will move their ranking 2 or 3 spaces up the ladder (that’s a layman’s explanation – which works for me). The more good reviews and the further they will move up.
This proposal of mine goes out directly to the PTA groups in my area, but others should listen up. Imagine the power when your board and a large part of your PTA organization start writing reviews for the businesses that are currently supporting you. Imagine the response when that business sees, online, that members of the Just-around-the-corner Elementary PTA are popping up with reviews left and right. What will he think when he sees that his business is now ranked on Google higher than the chain store at the mall because of local online support from your association? Now, just think, is that business going to hesitate to sponsor you next year? Are other businesses going to be easier to get on board when you show them the number of reviews your committee delivered to their neighbor?
I am not proposing any false reviews. Everyone should absolutely visit the business and give it a try and decide what to say in the review. What if you are compelled to write a bad review? No problem. Bad reviews are great too, if the business knows how to handle them. First of all, the bad review still counts as a review and helps the ranking. But, as far as those that would read these reviews, they show that these reviews are honest and not purchased, thus making the good reviews even more believable. A smart business owner will take the opportunity to reply to the bad ones and invite the customer to seek a solution. The engagement will show their personality and make them more transparent to others.
The beauty is that you don’t need to have everyone shop the business to write the review. They can just acknowledge and thank them for the support – online! Many committee members probably already do business there and can jump on line immediately and write a review. They can also tell others about the business and encourage them to try it.
I’m telling you, this whole concept is such a no-brainer, and I don’t know why it’s not being done already. When I mention it to the local PTA members, I know the problem is that they have so much on their plates that the idea doesn’t make it out to the car. So, maybe today’s blog can help. Print it out and take it to the next board meeting. Get the fundraising goals hit and then bring me some cupcakes. – David Hevia