Officially Speaking Rolex

The world of Rolex can seem so complicated, if not confusing, at times.  I wanted to write this blog today because it seems like we hear about customer nightmares, almost 2 a week that could have been prevented.  It usually starts with our take-in of a Rolex Servicing and it takes a bad turn when the service center calls us to let us know that some parts on the watch are counterfeit.  Informing the customer then leads towards an involved story of where and who they bought the watch from.

Newly released Rolex Stainless Steel GMT with Black/Blue Bezel

Newly released Rolex Stainless Steel GMT with Black/Blue Bezel

Rolex is the most recognized watch brand in history making it the most sought after timepiece in the market.  Who can blame anyone for making sure they don’t overspend when fulfilling one’s personal aspiration of accomplishment and success.  This is a warning for the ignorant to beware of the sleight of hand.  Don’t be fooled.  Learn how to read the label of the product.  Just like the food industry allows for every lying promise on the colorful packaging, one has to spin the can and read the ingredients.  In this case, “Official” is the mark of pedigree, and not “Authorized.”

When the Gemological Institute of American (GIA) created the Diamond Grading System, they designated the top and perfect color grade for diamonds as a D color.  They bypassed A, B, & C because they were so overused and undefined in the industry.  In the same manner and with great foresight, Rolex decided years ago that the term for a retailer that distributes timepieces directly from Rolex would be “Official,” and that designation is fully “Official Rolex Jeweler.”  They purposely stayed away from the term “Authorized” due to its misuse in the market place.

A quick Google search for the incorrect label of “Authorized Rolex Jeweler” & “horror stories” will provide a quick lesson of patrons assuming they were dealing with a business that professionally represented the watchmaker’s brand and service ethos.  The point being that almost anyone can say they are “authorized,” as in “my wife says I’m authorized to write blogs.”  Some even go so far to explain that they are not an Official Rolex Jeweler, but that they have the “in” due to distribution channels, a flooded market, their buying power, yada yada yada.  It’s the yada believers that usually end up out on the limb.   And, there are so many limbs to be out on.

Common sense would tell you that an Official Rolex Jeweler, having a true wholesale account, would be the person in the best position to get product, provide value, guarantee authenticity, pedigree, and provide service.  If for no other reason, they would do this so they would continue to maintain their status.  But let’s say someone is more interested in one of those deals to save a few dollars; let’s look at some of the problems that may arise.

  • Non-Rolex Parts – Rolex standards require that every part of a Rolex watch must be authentic for the watch to be.  In other words, one after-market spring in the works, and oops – the watch is disowned by papa.  This can happen several ways, but usually from not going through the proper channel previously.  These repairs, when all parts have to be replaced with authentic, can be very expensive.   Rolex will not do the repair otherwise, leaving this watch an orphan.
  • On the Hot List – When Rolex timepieces go to Rolex, the serial number is checked against stolen goods reports from all over the country.  Not only can a watch be confiscated, the owner can end up having to answer some uncomfortable questions.
  • Counterfeit – It’s not always an entire watch, sometimes just the band is counterfeit, but regardless, that is lost money paid for something that isn’t real.

You can see how, very quickly, a few hundred dollars saved can become thousands lost.

The only way to protect one’s self is to deal with an Official Rolex Jeweler.   There is only one way to find out who that is.  Go to the Rolex website,, and click on the Retailer Locator.  For Florida, and Lutz, that’s us –  And if not us, officially, be advised.  If the jeweler isn’t on the site, then they aren’t affiliated with Rolex.  You are authorized to make your own choices, good or bad, from that point on.


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