Exchange with Love

Exchange with Love.


Exchange with Love

So, ladies, it’s the season. You should see them. All the glares and stares of confusion, discomfort, and pain. It’s the season that the men come out of their boats, put down their guns, get away from work, and turn off the remotes to . . . . feel their skins crawl while they walk the showcases of a jewelry store. Why is this so traumatic for them?

I was just pondering that as I have the enjoyment of seeing the season change. Going from nail extenders to nail biters, the gender of the store’s traffic changes dramatically in these last 3 days before Valentines. You should see their faces as they hem and haw, and walk from case to case. It’s literally painful for them. They just really don’t know what to get. Is that their fault? They are men!

They don’t pay attention to the same things. They don’t know what color of gold you’ve been wearing for the last 20 years. They don’t know your favorite color is blue or yellow or purple. They don’t know you already have a pearl strand or that you always complement your sister’s Pandora bracelet. They just don’t know because they don’t see. They are men!

The good news I have about this is that they do, at times, want to be better at this. Much of this is in the women’s control. It comes to the response when receiving a gift along with dealing with the exchange process, which I do recommend.

I’ve seen the 2 extremes of the trademarked wives that are told in legend and story, along with over bar counter and jewelry counter alike. One snarks “Why did you get me this for?” The other says nothing and accepts the clueless giver’s gift, something like a stick pin. The former just digs a trench into a heart that tried it’s best while the latter does a disservice to an intent of service.

Not all ladies are so lucky as to have the man who knows the exact thing to choose. Many wise women make the process easier with gift suggestions, notes, and registered wish lists composed of a selection of various price ranges. For those ladies that would like to educate their husbands on mastering her, a little effort in the process is necessary.

My advise is to always accept every gift with grace and a smile. Try it on, and see if it truly fits your first impression, or second, or third. After a try on and several smiles, ask him if there was a special reason, or story, behind the selection. Once you’ve given it whirl, the most important thing is to lead to the exchange in a way that builds up his ego. I really want to stress that owning a piece of jewelry (or anything) that you never would have picked for yourself is not going to be covered up for long. So, deal with it now. Let me suggest a style that this can be done.

“I really appreciate the gift, more for your thoughtfulness and effort than anything. You were so kind and brave to go take this chance to pick me out something. I want you to keep doing that because I really enjoy it, and because of that, I would like us to go to the store together and let me show you some things that I have been wanting and thinking about getting.” This leaves the door open for him to suggest exchanging the gift or at the worst, for him to have an idea what to get next time. Then, make this an important event with lots of smiles, make-up, and kisses. Make it a date. And make sure that you do count it as one. How many ladies wouldn’t like their guy to say, “Let’s go on a date to the jewelry store!” That’s what I’m trying to help with here.

Now, back to watching all these painful faces, frankly, it’s really endearing. So, ladies, be gentle and take the next exchange opportunity to make it a romantic experience.