Kiefer Rewards Card Program

Kiefer Village Jewels has a Rewards Card Program that earns Rewards Dollars when you shop with us.  Most all products & categories of purchases qualify for Rewards.  So, whether it’s a gift of gold, diamonds, or watches, or even a repair or appraisal, those dollars go towards earning Rewards Dollars for you.  There will also be opportunities to earn additional rewards as announced on the Kiefer Facebook Page.

Here is how it works:

  • Make a qualifying purchase of $250 and you will be issued your Kiefer Rewards Card.
  • Earn 1 Reward Dollar for every $20 you spend.
  • You can spend Reward Dollars on any future visit.
  • You can let your Reward Dollars build up.
  • Your sales receipt will show the amount of Kiefer Reward Dollars earned or used.
  • Become a fan of the the Kiefer Facebook Page to stay on top of ways to earn additional rewards.
  • Have fun deciding when and how to spend your Reward Dollars.

Here are some rules:

  • Reward Dollars can be used on future visits, and can not be used during the same visit.
  • Rewards are not available when already using coupons, offers, or any type of discount.  Rewards may also be suspended during special events offered by Kiefer or by our vendors.  Inquire with a Kiefer associate for details.
  • Purchases made with Rewards Dollars, even if partially, will not earn any additional Rewards Dollars.
  • Rewards Dollars can not be used to purchase Pandora, however Pandora purchases will earn Rewards Dollars except on Pandora Promotional Items or during their promotional events.
  • The Reward Year begins annually on October 1st and ends on September 30th.  We reserve the right to make changes regarding the Reward Year.  All Reward Dollars are reset at the beginning of the Reward Year and cannot be carried over from year-to-year.  All Reward Dollars earned will expire no later than one-year from the date they were awarded.
  • Rolex purchases and repairs, are excluded from earning Kiefer Reward Points.  We reserve the right to exclude other purchases, either categorically or circumstantially, from earning Kiefer Reward Points.
  • Kiefer Village Jewels will set the guidelines for the Rewards Program on an annual basis and does not guarantee that the program will be in effect for subsequent years.

Kiefer Village Jewels is proud to introduce the Kiefer Reward Card Program.  It is presented as a Loyalty Program for our regular and most valued customers.  We will be monitoring its effectiveness and usage throughout the year.  We are always interested in feedback from our best customers to know if we are providing you with the services and products that will earn your continued patronage.  We invite you to contact us anytime at to give us your thoughts or complaints.

We hope you enjoy using the Kiefer Reward Card Program.