Things to Know about Halos

It was important for me to catch your attention because I am concerned that there are so many uninformed wearers of halos nowadays.  You might think that I’m using a cheeky tongue, but I’m being totally frank.  Rest assured, I’m not referring to the shiny halos atop the good Samaritans.  This matter is of the engaging type and rings of possible disenchantment.  The topic I am addressing is the halo style of engagement ring, most often designed with micro-pave’  construction.

The current fashion trends has practically every bride, and informed groom, asking for the Halo engagement ring.  This is where the center diamond is encircled with a tight line of tiny diamonds.  There is no gap between the diamond and it’s caressing chorus of side stones.  But, the operative word above is tiny.  Today’s metal prices along with ever-rising diamond prices has the marketplace competing for the big look at the small dollar.  The other factor is that this is one case where technology may have surpassed common sense.  You know, just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should.

Technology first led to the ability to cut smaller and smaller diamonds.  In the 1980′s, a 1 point diamond (that’s jeweler talk for 1/100th of a carat) was the tiniest being cut and used. Then, diamond-cutting machines introduced the 1/2 pointer, and now, along with the miniscule 1/4 pointer, they are a large part of the bridal industry.  CAD/CAM, Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing, is the next ingredient, by creating drawings, casting and manufacturing in such detail – beyond the ability of a jewelers hands and even the average jeweler’s eyesight – the result of which is known in the jewelry industry as micro-pave’.  Pave’ is pronounced pah-vay and is a french word that describes “being paved” – in diamonds!  Most the halo styles today use the same type of construction for the main halo and then also have other side micro-pave’ set diamonds as part of the design trend.

So, where am I going with all this?  You see, these tiny diamonds, well . . guess what holds them in?  Even tinier – tinier than the diamond – prongs.  It all looks great when it’s new, but then, the wrong knock here and some wear there, and those micro-prongs will be gone, as will that small diamond it was holding.  Heck, it’s not uncommon for a jeweler to have diamonds come out during a brand new ring’s first sizing as a result of the small degree of bending.  They get reset, of course, and tightened, and the happy new ring is ready for the proposal.

I hate to say something is a problem.  Micro-pave’, in itself, is not a problem.  So stop holding your breath if you currently own one, especially from us, since ours all have a warranty.  But, just like consumers should be informed of the maintenance difference between white gold and platinum, the problem is when brides choose “look” over “what’s best” for their life-style and wear. So, micro-pave’ isn’t for everyone, especially if you are one of those 24/7 ring-wearers and might put your ring through some scraps.  However, if you are the dainty one who also puts the ring on with gentle care for graceful use (okay, let’s say you don’t garden in your ring), then you might be a good match.

I don’t know any bride that enjoys having her ring spend more time at the jewelry store than on her finger.  Also, I absolutely hate being that jewelery store.  More than that, I have a true heart for the importance of that ring in a couple’s life.  A jeweler should strive to guide a couple to find the best ring that will make them happy for the long run.  That is why I want to get the word out.  Not all rings are alike, and not all micro-pave’ or halo styles are either.  But, if your jeweler doesn’t engage you in a discussion of your lifestyle, budget, and also educate you on your selection, then please be proactive and ask.  I’m sure some brides that are passionate about the halo style, and plan to stick with it, would also be happy to learn how to wear it properly.  Beware the lower priced styles and the great online prices because the main way to cut cost is to cut metal.  Talk to your jeweler and find out why there is a difference.  There are lots of great rings styles to choose from and the halo is a hot fashion.  Micro-pave’ is never leaving, however, since it serves the purpose of blinging for less.  So, if you do choose it, and also go with halo, just be sure to know these things about your halo.  – by David Hevia (